Accident Insurance- All you need to know

Fighting medical bills when you get into an accident can be more traumatic if accident insurance does not come to your rescue.

Yes, we do not pray for bad events though, but taking up precautionary measures won’t hurt anyone.

Instead, it adds a layer of confidence to your strides and boosts your peace of mind.

Again, it does not cost a ton to buy accident coverage yet, it protects you from unforeseen financial stress and burden.

And regardless of what you think, everyone needs this protection that accident insurance coverage offers.

Without much ado, let’s get down to what you need to know about this coverage.

What is accident insurance?

An accident insurance coverage which also goes as supplemental insurance is a type of insurance that allows you to receive a lump of money from your insurance provider in the event of an accident.

The accident must be what your policy covers for it to earn you the lump sum of money from your insurance provider.

Additionally, the money from your provider comes in cash directly to you to help pay off all the medical bills you need from your treatment.

By the way, accident insurance can not substitute your health insurance policy. Instead, you can add it to your health insurance coverage.

Health insurance on its own does not cover everything and still costs a lot in premiums and deductibles. 

This coverage takes care of some of what you can’t get from some single health insurance coverage.

Also, you can get this coverage from your employer alongside other employee packages.

What do you consider an accidental injury?

Accidents happen and can alter your way of life in a flash. That is why you need to do your part by getting coverage to help offset your medical bills, at least.

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Now, accidents differ in the ways they happen and the degree of the mishap. Still, nothing takes away the fact that accidents cause pain and by extension, medical expenses.

But when it comes to insurance, what you consider accidental injuries include road accidents, burns, drowning, falls, poisoning, and more.

What accidental insurance covers

Insurance providers have different policies regarding what goes under accident insurance.

However, most accident coverage covers a policyholder from accidents that lands you in the emergency room, burns, broken bones, or sports injuries.

Your insurance provider may add more accident events to your policy. So, make sure you are satisfied with what your policy offer in your coverage.

Types of accident insurance

Different people use accident insurance to their advantage. That is, according to where they think they need to be covered more.

Car accident insurance

For example, drivers purchase car accident insurance because they are always on the road and driving people. 

So, to protect themselves and others, they purchase this specific insurance coverage.

In the event of an accident, the insurance provider pays benefits to you and the next person involved in the accident.

These benefits go to paying for rehabilitation, surgeries, hospital visits, and treatments. 

Travel accident insurance

More so, tourists or frequent travelers purchase travel accident insurance coverage in case they encounter an accident in the course of their travel. Meanwhile, your travel insurance covers other things if it’s well-tailored.

General accident insurance

General accident insurance does not have to be boxed into the event of an accident. Instead, it covers different kinds of accident events and injuries that may occur to you.

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Ultimately, your accident coverage can accommodate riders. It means that you can add ambulance services to your coverage if you do not have them originally in your policy. With riders, even an ankle injury can go under coverage.

Disability insurance

Disability insurance can equally pass for accident insurance. Employers offer this as a benefit to their employees to cover work-related accidents.

The drill here is that should a work-related accident happen to an employee to the point of not working again. The disability coverage takes care of the employee by paying them a lump of money periodically for a while, or the duration of the injury.

Death and dismemberment

Death and dismemberment are other types of accident insurance. Here, the benefits will go back to the family members of the insured, in the event of their passing away or dismemberment.

Nevertheless, there are exceptions to this coverage. This policy does not cover the event of suicide, war tragedy, illness, old age passing away, or childbirth.

Benefits of accident insurance

You stand to gain a whole lot from this coverage. Especially when you have something to lose. 

When you know that an accident can put you out of your source of income and independent life, then you will understand the importance of having coverage that pays you cash after an accident, or a policy that keeps paying you if you got injured at work.

However, to look critically at more benefits you gain from this policy, let’s explore more.

First, you do not need any medical examination to purchase coverage. Yes, it does not discriminate against you so long you are active and working, you can get coverage.

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Also, you do not just get covered, your family members come under the coverage too. So, the accident of any member of the family will get covered by your insurance provider with a lump of cash for treatment.

Again, even if you are at fault, the victim of the accident gets some benefits too. Your benefits cut across anyone you injured in the accident. They may be someone with you in the car or a passerby.                                                                                                            

Another benefit is how you can break up other coverage and attach them to this coverage. It makes it easier for people without much funds to also have protections in the event of an accident.


In summary, Insurance coverage makes unfortunate incidents less biting and pocket draining. 

Since these unfortunate incidents can not be smelled minutes before they happen, then you must do your part. 

It makes more sense to prepare ahead of them by taking measures that will cushion the expenses these mishaps may come with.

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