Best Home and Auto Bundles

There are several advantages of bundling policies, with the major being opportunities for discounts. Also, many companies out there allow for bundling of these policies, so you may have multiple options to pick from. However, some companies stand out for offering some of the best home and auto bundles.

In this post, you’ll learn more about the companies with the best home and auto bundles. You’ll get full details on these companies with information on what they have to offer and how they benefit you. You don’t want to miss everything contained in this post so ensure you remain with me to the end.

Best Home and Auto Bundles Providers

Below are some of the companies with the best home and auto insurance bundles:

  • State Farm
  • Nationwide
  • Allstate
  • USAA
  • Progressive
  • American Family

State Farm

State Farm provides nationwide coverage, excellent financial soundness, and helpful agent consultations via the Internet. It offers customers across the country bundles with a maximum discount of 17 percent on bundled home and auto insurance. The company’s A++ AM Best grade reflects its high financial stability and long-term ability to continue providing insurance and paying claims.

State Farm’s quote process is not often as convenient as that of its competitors. They require clients to talk with an agent to receive a quote for a package. However, buyers may still acquire online estimates for individual house and vehicle policies to understand the pre-discount cost.

Also, consulting with an agent typically results in a more specialized and accurate quotation than estimates. There is no additional bundling discount for insuring more than two vehicles with State Farm.

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In addition, State Farm provides the Good Neighbor Connect service, which links consumers with agents via video conferencing. This enables consumers to communicate with their agents face-to-face about policies, claims, and other topics from the comfort of their homes.


Nationwide offers many products that can be bundled with home and vehicle insurance, resulting in a possible 20 percent discount. To maximize bundling savings, it permits customers to bundle multiple policies, including term life, boat, motorcycle, ATV, RV, and pet insurance. Customers can also save money by combining multiple automobiles. 

To determine eligibility for bundling, clients must contact an agent for pricing information and details on the availability of bundling.

Nationwide’s smart home program discount is contingent on the customer’s installation of a Notion Smart Home Monitoring System. As part of its On Your Side program, Nationwide also offers a complimentary yearly audit of insurance plans. This looks for coverage gaps and additional savings opportunities, allowing clients to continue to save each year.


Allstate offers nationwide coverage, the highest potential savings for bundling, and various bundling options and policy additions. Through the nationwide availability of service bundling, Allstate offers consumers full coverage with no regional gaps. Its maximum bundling discount of 25% is among the highest from research. 

It is important to note that not every customer will receive a 25 percent discount. It all depends on the terms and conditions of the policy. However, consumers who qualify for the maximum discount will receive a significant reduction for combining their insurance policies. 

Allstate’s A+ rating from AM Best reflects the company’s good financial condition, and legitimate claims should be paid out without issue. It offers a range of options for bundling beyond auto and home insurance. 

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You can bundle umbrella, boat, and motorcycle coverage. Other products, such as term life, snowmobile, and RV insurance, may also be added.


USAA may offer qualifying service members the most expensive home and auto insurance packages. These qualifying members most times include active and former military members and their families.

USAA may not appear to offer substantial savings, as the maximum discount for bundling home and auto insurance is 10%. However, it offers some of the most affordable home and vehicle insurance prices, and bundling discounts may cut these rates further. 

USAA adds identity theft coverage at no additional cost in many of its homeowner insurance packages. Customers must request a quote from USAA to determine their eligibility for coverage. Although coverage is available in every state, some zip-code residents may not qualify. 

Again, USAA members are eligible for discounts on car rentals, travel, entertainment, and home security, among other benefits.


Progressive offers a customized online quote tool in addition to several educational resources and online tools such as insurance calculators. The company thereby minimizes the pain points associated with purchasing insurance.

Consumers can use the customizable online quotation tool when shopping for home and auto insurance with Progressive. It enables users to adjust premiums to determine the impact of various rates on coverage and overall cost. In addition, Progressive allows policyholders to include coverage for a range of vehicles, including golf carts. 

These policies and endorsements can be added to the quote for a more accurate rate. In addition, the website is packed with instructional resources and online tools, such as insurance pricing and how different policies function. Users can use insurance calculators to calculate the amount of coverage they need. 

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In order to receive an estimate for an insurance bundle, clients must input their ZIP code to establish their eligibility. It’s important to understand that certain areas may not receive coverage.

Lastly, Progressive offers a mobile app for submitting and tracking auto insurance claims. However, homeowners insurance claims must be submitted via phone or online at this time, as the app does not support them. Nevertheless, the application facilitates the filing and tracking of motor insurance claims.

American Family

American Family Insurance provides clients with a variety of ways to save on house and auto insurance. This includes generational and customer loyalty discounts and a home and vehicle bundle discount.

AmFam exclusively offers to bundle auto and home insurance, although clients can still purchase additional products individually. 

Keep in mind that it is only available in 19 states, offering its discount options to residents of those states. Additionally, a customer may be eligible for a generational discount for family loyalty. This is if a customer’s parents maintain an active home or auto insurance policy with them.

When it comes to filing a claim, decreasing deductibles provides clients with an additional way to save. It helps by reducing the amount they must pay.

AmFam representatives can be reached online via the site’s virtual chat assistant to assist clients with questions. This gives clients more options for obtaining the assistance they require.


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