Breast pumps through insurance

As a nursing or expectant mother, you sure can get your breast pumps through insurance.

The joy of carrying your bundle of joy to term, bringing forth your pretty little thing, and taking care of your baby should not cost you all the money in the world. 

Yes, other things can be of concern to you but not breast pumps. So, once you make up your mind to nurse or are cleared to do so. If you desire to use breast pumps, your insurance company will cover them for you.

Furthermore, some breast pumps through insurance come at no cost at all. This means that you do not have to worry about co-pays or deductibles to get your breast pumps.

Your insurance company takes care of both payments and delivery to you free of charge.

Costs of breast pumps

Breast pumps have become a household item in so many homes that are still at the stage of procreating. It has saved and served a lot of new moms in so many ways. 

Because of its very useful value, the price went up to become a bit on the high side and out of the reach of low-income earning families.

In line with this, the price of breast pumps differs according to the companies that produce them and the type of breast pump you are looking at. 

Currently, the price of this device ranges between $20 to $4000. it all depends on the type of breast pump that you wish to use.

Single manual breast pump

Suppose you wish to just purchase a single breast pump, this type won’t cost you a lot of money to purchase. Moreover, some single breast pumps are the mostly manual type which means you have to operate it all by yourself. 

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Besides, most women enjoy operating this manual device for reasons best known to them. Assuming you find this type interesting and wish to purchase it for yourself or your loved one. It costs between $30 to $70.

Singe electric breast pumps

Even though you can only engage just one breast in this activity, your baby can joyfully feed off the second breast. Ideally, you are meeting two important needs at the same time. Now, this costs a bit higher than the manually used pumps. You can get single electrical or battery-powered pumps at a price that ranges between $50 to $200.

Double electric breast pumps

Medically, this is the most fastest and effective device for pumping out breast milk for babies. The double electric breast pump is fixed to both breasts, this device follows the process of a suckling child and pumps enough milk out for feeding and storing for later use.

However, this device costs more than the other types but can give effective and faster results than the others. Purchasing this device costs up to $400 or a bit lesser. 

For what it’s worth, these prices may differ according to manufacturers and also, where it was purchased from.

Can I get breast pumps through insurance?

First and foremost, congratulations on the arrival of your baby. 

Now, it’s time to get your insurance to help you with breast pumps. But before you begin this process, there are things you must know that can guide you through this process.

Furthermore, your insurance company may have a specific type of breast pump they give out to nursing or expectant mothers.

Some insurance companies give out a single manual pump to women. Again, other companies give out the single electric pump, while other companies may decide to give double electrical breast pumps.

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In contrast, some insurance companies prefer to give women two sets of breast pumps, single and double breast pumps. It all goes down to the policy of the insurance company and the type of insurance coverage involved.

Not just that but also, some insurance companies do not give expectant women breast pumps until some weeks before their due date. 

Meanwhile, other companies wait till the woman puts to bed before she gets her breast pumps. Again, you may even need to present a doctor’s prescription for your insurance company to give you one or rent from the hospital.

Therefore, you have to be in communication with your insurance provider to know how they offer these services and what they expect of you. 

How can I get breast pumps through insurance?

This is where the beauty of insurance reflects beautifully. And as we said, you cannot only get this device through insurance, you get it at no single cost to you. That is, it comes free of charge from your insurance company.

Moving forward, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which is also called the Obama Care placed a rule on most insurance providers to provide breast pumps for women in need of it.

Sure, insurance coverage plan varies among individuals. This is the reason why you have to contact your insurance company just to be sure what is available under your coverage. Most insurance coverage can cover a breast pump upgrade.

You can’t just walk into a store and get your pumps and expect insurance to cover it. There are procedures to go through. 

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First, ask your insurance provider to know if you need to go through an in-network or not. These in-network providers make the process easy for women eligible for this service.

Also, they supply medical equipment online and they work hand-in-hand with most insurance companies. 

The in-network providers that work with your insurance company know the type of breast pumps your insurance makes you eligible for. They know this because they have all the details and forms from your policy. 

So, reach out to them and start immediately by signing the necessary documents. They mostly have stores that will easily supply your device once you are done.

Can I have my breast pump upgraded?

It depends on your insurance company. Most insurance companies give room for breast pump upgrades so far you agree to pay for part of the cost. Also, some companies offer upgrade options at zero cost. Whichever it is, you will see it on the website or they will communicate it to you. As you know, the upgrade is from the lesser or cheaper type to the more expensive type.

Benefits of a breast pump

This comes as a relief to new mothers, especially moms with multiple babies. Breast pumps come in handy and save you a lot.

First, breast pumps help you to store food for your infant. When you need to step out, someone can feed your baby in your absence comfortably.

Secondly, you can steal some hours of sleep at night and save yourself from sleep deprivation.

Pumps relieve new moms from nipple soreness and give your cracked nipples room to heal

Most importantly, your infant gets to feed whenever they want and have a full belly every time. 


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