Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

Travel insurance is a lifesaver if you’re the type who loves to move and explore. However, it can be costly and may cost thousands of dollars. For this reason, we have some of the cheapest travel insurance companies to minimize your cost with splendid service.

In this post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about the cheapest travel insurance companies. These companies should not be considered low-quality as their services are top-notch. Remain with me to the end of this post to get everything there is to know.

Cheapest Travel Insurance Companies

World Nomads

World Nomads supplies travel insurance products that travelers may customize depending on pricing and desired coverage. World Nomads Travel Insurance’s standard insurance automatically includes more than 200 adventure sports coverage. This includes skydiving, scuba diving, ATV riding, zip line, snowmobiling, skiing, and snowboarding, among others. Many other travel insurance firms need separate policies for extreme sports coverage.

World Nomads offers two different plans: Standard and Explorer. The Standard plan will be the most affordable option. 


GoReady Insurance (previously APRIL Travel Protection) provides travel insurance policies for single-trip and yearly travelers. Single-trip travelers can select from various travel insurance policies, including a cruise-specific plan and a VIP plan, among others. The VIP plan provides coverage limits of up to $1 million for emergency evacuation and coverage of 100% for trip cancellation. It further offers a reimbursement of 175 percent for trip interruption.

When selecting a single-trip plan for a cruise, travelers can obtain 100 percent coverage for trip cancellation. They may also gain 150 percent coverage for trip interruption and cancel for any reason.

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This plan also covers trip cancellation and interruption, travel delays, and emergency medical assistance. Additionally, the firm provides the GoReady Choice Plan, which allows you to pick the most advantages. This includes coverage for sports and business equipment, financial insolvency of a travel provider, cancellation for work-related reasons, and more.

Lastly, this provider’s GoReady Pandemic Plus Plan is one of the few pandemic-inclusive travel insurance policies in the travel business. Hence, they’re a top choice for travelers.

Seven Corners

Seven Corners offers coverage to U.S. residents and medical care plans to foreign visitors to the country. It provides unique group travel insurance plans, travels insurance for students, road trip insurance for trips throughout the US, etc. Additionally, you may purchase yearly travel insurance policies covering many trips.

RoundTrip Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance is the most popular policy that Seven Corners provides. This coverage is for a single trip and is available to U.S. residents traveling domestically or worldwide. RoundTrip Economy and RoundTrip Elite are the two accessible levels.

The RoundTrip Economy plan includes trip cancellation coverage of up to $20,000. There is trip interruption coverage of up to 100 percent of the cost of the trip. There is also trip delay coverage of up to $250, missed connection coverage of up to $250, and others.

Allianz Travels

Allianz Travel Insurance offers a variety of travel insurance plans, including specialist rental vehicle and medical insurance. It also offers more conventional single-trip and yearly travel insurance choices. Allianz offers two of the most cost-effective plans: OneTrip Cancellation Plus and OneTrip Basic. 

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OneTrip Cancellation Plus provides trip cancellation and interruption coverage for up to $5,000. There is also travel delay coverage for up to $150 per day and access to a 24-hour helpline for support.

The OneTrip Basic policy provides trip cancellation and interruption coverage for up to $10,000. There is a 24-hour hotline, emergency medical, and dental coverage for up to $10,000 ($500 for dental expenses), among others. This plan covers preexisting conditions, provided certain prerequisites are satisfied.

Meanwhile, the OneTrip Prime travel insurance package is described as the provider’s most popular. This policy offers increased coverage limits and additional benefits, such as $100 per day for travel inconveniences.

American Express

American Express is a well-known credit card brand. However, you do not need an American Express credit card to obtain travel insurance from the firm. American Express Travel Insurance provides customizable coverage and four preset package options: Standard, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

This company’s most cost-effective alternatives include the Basic, Silver, and custom plans. The Basic plan provides coverage of up to $1,000 for trip cancellation or interruption. It offers up to $5,000 for medical emergencies, emergency evacuation, or repatriation and up to $750 for dental emergencies. This regular plan doesn’t cover travel-related accidents, death, dismemberment, or payment for housing, food, or missed connections due to trip delays. 

The Silver plan covers up to one hundred percent of the trip cost for cancellation or interruption. It offers up to $25,000 for medical issues and up to $100,000 in emergency evacuation and repatriation. Again, it provides up to $50,000 to $100,000 in travel accident protection, $500 for lost luggage, and others.

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The build-your-own-package option allows you to select the sorts of coverage you desire. Choices include travel cancellation, delay and interruption protection, emergency medical and dental coverage, emergency evacuation, and luggage coverage.


IMG Travel Insurance offers a variety of insurance policies, including plans for ex-pats, business travelers, and students. There is even coverage for retired travelers aged 65 and beyond. iTravelInsured Travel Lite, iTravelInsured Travel SE, and iTravelInsured Travel LX are the three primary levels of coverage for general travel policies.

The iTravelInsured Travel Lite plan is the most affordable, yet its coverage restrictions are not necessarily minimal. This plan provides up to 100 percent coverage for trip cancellation and up to 125 percent for trip interruption. It offers up to $500 compensation for travel delays and more. 

In addition to acute illness, injury, and death, covered dangers include hijacking, terrorist operations, and the insolvency of a travel supplier. Note, however, that initial conditions cannot be added to this, and all coverage is secondary to any insurance you may have.

In contrast, the top-tier iTravelInsured Travel LX plan provides much larger coverage limits and a waiver for previous conditions. However, you must acquire the plan within 24 hours of your final trip payment. This plan’s coverage is also primary, so you can utilize it instead of other insurance policies you may already have.


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