Electronic travel authorization (ETA)

An electronic travel authorization is a piece of evidence that shows that the world is evolving speedily.

Many countries are making it very easy for travelers to come into their countries without many hassles.

Though these countries have unique guidelines that govern their electronic travel authorization, it all still works better than traditional visa applications.

It means that the extra unnecessary energy you input into running after a visa physically and all the back and forth has come to an end.

However, this eVisa application and usage may not just be for everyone and is not applicable in many countries yet.

What is an electronic travel authorization?

An electronic travel authorization is a requirement that nationals from visa-free countries can use to travel to their destination.

Countries that give out this authorization use it to vet all travelers that plan to enter their countries without a visa.

So, even while you have a visa-free policy in your favor, you need electronic travel authorization to get to your destination by air, land, or sea.

Countries like the US, Canada, and Europe make electronic travel authorization one of their major travel-by-air policy.

Types of electronic travel authorizations

This type of visa application is becoming an in-thing among countries. It is equally a welcoming development because it eases off the stress from everyone.

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) 

ESTA is the United States type of electronic travel authorization. It is meant for nationals of foreign countries who wish to travel to the US.

Nationals that are authorized to use this application are those from a visa waiver country to the United States.

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Also, there are other rules guiding this route of application.

The European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS)

Australia began this process among the visa-free countries. The ETIAS does not only offer applications to travelers by air. It applies to every means of travel.

Applicants using the ETIAS will require to fill out their data and wait for an automated response.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

eTA is the electronic version of travel in Canada for travelers that want to visit Canada or pass through a Canadian airport.

Furthermore, the Canadian eTA applies to those nationals from visa-exempt countries.

So, before you make your trip, check your country’s status to know if you qualify for this travel means.

What is the visa-exempt foreigner?

Countries have ties and agreements with each other all over the world. So, because of this, countries decided to exempt the nationals of those countries from applying for a visa each time they feel like visiting. In some countries, they call it the visa waiver.

Furthermore, visa-free countries allow each other to visit their countries for a period of 30 to 90 days. Within this period, the visitor can visit family and friends, explore the country, and relax. You can not work or study with this visa.

How to apply for the ETA

First, all electronic visas are processed online. You do not need to present yourself to the embassy or consulate for documentation and application.

Again, the requirements and process are not as tedious as the physical application version.

Countries that use this system have what they require from their visitors. 

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Though they are all online applications, each country built its system in a way that will not pose a threat to the security of its country.

By the way, the system might reject your application for some reason. In this case, you may have to visit the Embassy or Consulate. 

Now, before you get to the part where your country of interest asks for more, here is the general information you must provide.

  • You need to register your passport data
  • Email
  • Home address
  • National Identity Number 
  • Phone number
  • Application fee

How much is the American ESTA?

The eVisas are not free. You must pay for the application before you can complete the process.

ESTA application fee is $21. You can make your payment through PayPal, MasterCard, Visa Card, or American Express.

ETIAS application fee is about 7 euros.

The Canadian eTA application fee costs 7 CAD.

How long does it take to get the electronic travel authorization?

The eVisa process does not take months. All things being equal, you will receive a confirmation mail immediately after your application.

 For some reason, your mail may take up to 24 to 72 hours to come after the application.

Can your eVisa be denied?

Your eVisa application can be denied. You can visit the Embassy or Consulate to find out if you can apply physically.

Do you need an interview for an ESTA?

Your ESTA application does not need a physical appearance. You can be at your location and apply for the visa.


To wrap up, the application does not have to be so tasking again. Countries have made it a lot easier for citizens of qualified countries to apply from their locations without any hitch.

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