How to get a work visa for USA: Requirements and Eligibility

You’ve felt it necessary to move to the U.S through the employment route but you do not know how to get a work visa for the USA?

Truly, people from all walks of life try to move to the United States in search of a better life.

A higher percentage of them seek the work route because they need to keep working even while settling in a new country.

However, they approach this process the wrong way and miss their chance. Now, we bring you the accurate knowledge of how to get a work visa for USA.

What is a work visa?

A work visa is a permit that allows you to move to another country and work there.

These kinds of visas last for a while but you can renew them if necessary.

Work visas in some countries come with strict regulations and must be eligible.

To obtain a work visa, one major criterion is that you must have employment in the country you wish to move to.

Furthermore, some countries give out permanent work visas to eligible applicants.

Sometimes, these kinds of visas may allow you to change your line of work. Other times, you will be permitted to do only a type of work with your visa.

Types of USA work visa

The United States of America offers different types of work visas.

The kind of work visa you obtain depends on the kind of work and the purpose of your travel.

So, take a look at the list of visas and know which you will go for.

H1B Visa

The States give this visa to people with special occupations.

People hired by the government to conduct research or other relevant projects receive this type of visa.

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Also, you must have a higher education certificate to obtain the H1B Visa.

H-1B1 Visa

People with secondary school degrees can go for this type. You must have studied a particular course for four years in your field to be eligible for this visa. That means that you have to work in a specialty occupation.

More so, this visa is recognized as a free trade agreement professional. 

H2A Visa

It is a temporary visa that is slated for seasonal agricultural workers.

This visa is not for all agricultural workers that want to come to the US. Only a few countries fall into this category.

H-2B Visa

Some countries receive the offer to come into the US with a temporary non-agricultural worker visa.

H-3 Visa

People looking to be trained in some fields that are not medical or academic. 

They come to the US for training because perhaps the training is not in their country.

In that case, they use this trainee visitor visa.


Offered to the representatives of foreign media. I-visa is for people in the news and media industry who wants to come to the US and complete their job.

L1 Visa

This visa favors intra-company transferees that have worked with a foreign company for more than a year and need a transfer.

P-1 Visa

P1 visa is slated for people in the entertainment industry

Including athletes. Individuals that obtain this visa are well-known people in the entertainment industry.

P-2 Visa

The visa is given to people whose country is recognized by the US and who are coming in to perform as a group or as an individual.

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P-3 Visa

For individuals that want to teach or perform culturally unique programs in the U.S.

Either musically or theatrically. You may obtain the visa as an individual or a group.

R-1 Visa

Non-immigrant religious workers like ministers and their assistants obtain this temporary visa. It allows them to come into the United States and work in a religious organization.

TN Visa

Only Canadian lawyers, teachers, and engineers are eligible to use this type of Visa for a temporary stay in the U.S.

O1 Visa

The O1 visa is reserved for individuals that show very high IQs or have extraordinary abilities in fields like science, math, athlete, and art.

Requirements for a work visa for USA

Applying for a work visa to the U.S requires you to add these documents:

  • Valid passport
  • A United States visa photo
  • The receipt number of the petition letter for a nonimmigrant worker from your employer.
  • The confirmation page shows you have completed the non-immigrant visa application.
  • Receipt of the $190 fee for your application form. The fees are susceptible to change according to location.
  • Evidence which will show you have ties in your home country and must return after the end of your stay.

Who is qualified for a U.S work visa?

The U.S work visa has strict rules that you must meet before you become eligible to apply.

Also, you must meet these requirements fully and not halfway. Else, your application may not be successful.

Get a job in the U.S

Before you begin t think about a work visa, you must first, start applying for jobs in the United States.

Applying and getting the job opportunity offered to you is the first thing that qualifies you for a work visa for the US.

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Now, this is not only for you to show proof, it is also because your employer must sign some documents which you must submit at the embassy.

Get a petition form

Your employer must fill out a petition for a Non-immigrant worker with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The I-129 form, as they call it, will go through the Embassy approval. The embassy must approve the petition before you begin to process your work visa.

Department of Labor certificate approval

Work visas like the H-1B, H-1B1, H-2A, and H-2B will need your employer to get a certification from the department of labor.

Ideally, your employer will apply for this document on your behalf.

This document serves as proof that a united states citizen can not fill that position, and it is not affecting the job opportunities slated for the US citizens.

How to get a work visa for USA process

All your documents must be ready at this stage, and you are qualified to proceed with a work visa.

The process of how to get a work visa for USA requires meticulous organizing and patience on your part.

So, if your documents are all signed and approved, you can proceed to:

  • Complete the online Non-immigrant visa form (DS-160).
  • Print out the confirmation page
  • Schedule an interview date
  • Attend your interview and answer your questions as honestly as possible.

In conclusion, getting a work visa for the USA may be quick and easy for some people and tasking for others. However, adhering religiously to the country’s regulations and rules gives you a fighting chance. 

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