Maldives Visa

The Maldives visa is among the most stress-free visas you could ever apply for.

Seeing that the Maldives is also a top tourist destination worldwide, you would think its visa requirements and application process would leave you panting for breath. However, the reverse is the case; the country is not just known for its spellbinding environments; it has opened its arms widely to accept all tourists and holiday seekers from far and wide.

Maldives visa procedure is quite relaxed and available for all tourists who meet the criteria. Except you plan to travel for other more serious purposes besides tourism.

About the Maldives

The Maldives is an island in southern Asia and comprises about 298 square kilometers. It is Asia’s second least populated country, with about 557,751 people. Maldives’ capital city is Male, and it is also the most populated city in the country. The locals call the capital city ‘the King’s island’ because, historically, that was where the Maldivian royal dynasty ruled from. 

Furthermore, the country gained its independence from the united kingdom in July 1965 and declared a republic in November 1968. Pre-civilization, Maldives was known as the money islands because it supplied internationally traded cowries worldwide. Fast forward to the 80s, the economy shifted to importation and allowed private sectors to thrive. Slowly, tourism began to take the forefront.

Today, tourism has taken over other countries’ economic growth businesses like agriculture. Tourism has transformed this country and its economy and placed it on the global map. More so, Maldives has about six UNESCO heritage sites.

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Types of Maldives visa

The Maldives has a couple of visas you can take advantage of. Each visa has a specific travel purpose and does not demand much from an applicant. These visa types include

  • Maldives visa on arrival
  • Maldives work visa
  • Dependent visa
  • Business visa
  • Marriage visa

Maldives visa on arrival

Apparently, Maldives does not have a pre-travel visa policy. Nationals of all countries can travel to the Maldives without a visa so long the purpose of traveling is tourism. Anyone who wants to visit the Maldives for another reason must apply for a visa through a sponsor in the country.

Now, all tourists from anywhere in the world get a visa on arrival once they get to the Maldives. You only need to arm yourself with a valid passport from your country, and you can stay for up to 30 days in the Maldives. 

On the contrary, you may not be lucky enough to get up to 30 days on your visa on arrival. The immigration officers determine how long you will stay for reasons best known to them.

In addition to your valid passport, which must be machine-readable, there are other documents you must bring along with you.

  • Proof of hotel reservation
  • Onward or return flight tickets. You must show the visa to the next country for an onward flight ticket.
  • Proof of funds to last you your stay in the island country.
Visa on arrival extension

Perhaps you wish to extend your stay in the Maldives and explore or enjoy the country’s beauty more; then, you have the option of extending your stay.

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Nationals of all countries get a maximum of 30 days to stay in the Maldives except Russian and Indian citizens. Tourists from these two countries can remain in the Maldives for up to 90 days.

However, tourists with a 30-day stay can apply for a visa extension and get up to an extra 60 days addition. Some requirements will qualify you for an extension.

Firstly, tourists with a 30-day visa seeking to extend it must begin the process before it expires. The first step in the right direction is to fill out the visa extension application form and locate the immigration head office for submission.

The immigration office will examine your application and determine if you have enough funds to stay for an extended period.

Maldives work visa

A Maldivian work visa application is a two-way thing; you can also call it a joint effort between the visa applicant and the employer in the Maldives.

To begin with, the Maldivian employer has to get you a work permit, also known as employment authorization. This document will permit you to work in the Maldives, and a tourist prohibits the holder from working.

Other requirements for a work visa permit include

  • your health certificate report from a certified medical practitioner and an authorized hospital.
  • A valid passport
  • Passport-sized photograph
  • A visa application form
  • Visa application fee
  • Your employment offer letter

Note that the immigration office may request additional documents if necessary.

Dependent visa

The Maldives dependent visa is for applicants with family members in the Maldives. The family member will serve as your sponsor because a dependent visa already requires you to present a sponsor residing in the country.

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Requirements for a Maldivian dependent visa

  • Application form
  • Dependent visa fee of MVR50
  • Health insurance policy proof
  • Employment permit of your sponsor
  • A valid machine-readable passport
  • Medical exam report
  • Evidence of family relationship with your sponsor

Other documents may be requested at the immigration office.

Maldives business visa

A business visa to the Maldives is for visitors who have work or business plans to carry out in the country for a period without the intention of gaining employment. All travelers from any country have to apply for this visa online.

Also, your sponsor or guest in the Maldives has a role in the application.

The Maldives marriage visa

A marriage visa is what guarantees your marriage registration in the country or permits you to get married in the Maldives. Your partner must be a Maldivian and will be the one to sponsor your marriage visa to the country.

Additionally, to make it easier, you may enter the Maldives with your tourist visa on arrival and begin to process your marriage visa before the tourist visa expires. The application process may take up to 30 days, and if this is the case, you can extend your tourist visa to give you more time to focus on your marriage visa application.


The Maldives is a lovely country with welcoming inhabitants. Visiting the country as a tourist or planning to stay over is a good decision on your part. 

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