Mexico tourist destinations

As a traveler, ever thought about visiting any Mexico tourist destinations? For tourism, Mexico has many beautiful places you could visit; you can even learn about Mexican history and culture.

Traveling to Mexico may require obtaining a Mexican tourist visa and a tour guide, and most travel agents may help you with these as part of your package. A tour guide is preferably someone from the country who is conversant with the area and places you need to see.

Tour guides also help tourists keep safe and abide by the law of the land by telling them what must and mustn’t be done. So, while you plan to visit Mexico, here’s a little knowledge about the country.

About Mexico

The United Mexican States, as it is officially called, is set in the southern part of North America. Mexico has 31 states and one capital city called the Mexican city, with neighboring countries like the United States, Belize, the Gulf of Mexico, and Guatemala.

Though Mexico is still developing, it has a good economy that ranks 15th worldwide. Over time, the country has become a favorite spot for tourists. Also, it is the highest country with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Americas and ranks 7th worldwide.

In 2018, about 39 million tourists visited Mexico, making it the 6th country in the world people visited. Mexico belongs to numerous world organizations like the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations (UN), and many more.

However, the country still struggles with negative influences like drug trafficking, Mafia, crime, and violence. Still, all these negative sides do not rob the country of its beautiful scenic environment.

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Mexico’s top tourist destinations

You may want to tick off the breathtaking places in Mexico that you can visit from our list of destinations.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is a Maya language that roughly translates to “At the brim of the well is where the wise men of the water live.” This place dates back to the pre-Columbian time; it was once a large city built and inhabited by the Maya in Mexico. The site is famous for its architectural designs and houses quite a lot of population in its prime.

The temple is said to have mythical stories entwined in its history and spots many archeological styles. History believes that Chichen Itza was abandoned after the arrival of the Spanish.

However, this location is the highest tourist spot in Mexico, with a visitation estimate of two million tourists, and has been preserved by the National Institute of Anthropology and History as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.




Tulum was also built and inhabited by the Mayas. The city served as a place of worship for a god in ancient tradition. It also served as a place for trade and attracted far and near.

The city has a great wall; history shows pirates and bad traders once plagued the city. Hence, the fence went up to protect the inhabitants and the trade areas.

Tulum has transformed into a magnificent tourist spot with breathtaking beaches and extravagant luxury hotels. Even these new developments did not take away the significant historical moments of Tulum.



The Catedral Metropolitana

The Catedral Metropolitana was the replacement of the original church right before 1573 when the Spanish conquered Mexico.

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It is set on the top of the Aztec precinct. The church’s construction took a lot of time and was built in sections. The Catedral has been a place to visit since its reconstruction in 2000 due to old age. 

Tourists have found the Catedral Metropolitana a must-see spot as it is the oldest church in Latin America and has many forgotten histories found during the reconstruction.



San Ignacio Lagoon

Ever spotted a whale before? If not, San Ignacio Lagoon in Mexico holds the keys to that experience for you. The Lagoon is off the Baja California coast and houses the gray whales every winter.

Tourists who visit Mexico during winter can get a boat tour to the area and catch the awe-struck moments with the birthing gray whales.


El Arco

Here, you find rock formations at their best; the El Arco rock formation has become the landmark where two oceans of water meet each other; the pacific ocean and the Gulf of California. The beauty of watching this enormous arch is watching the grey whales frolicking around in the blue waters.


The Pyramids (San Juan Teotihuacan)

The pyramids are of various types; the pyramids of the moon and the pyramids of the sun. This great pre-civilization archeological monument is not a destination you would want to hear about in stories. These famous pyramids may look good in books and pictures, but they never fail to leave a real-life viewer in awe.

Mexico pyramids


Magical towns

If you’ve ever heard stories about mystically enchanted places and wondered what it must feel like. The magical Mexican towns will give you a little glimpse and feel of these stories. The best part, there are many magical towns in Mexico; you might wander into one of them on your way.

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Magical town.jpg


Before you visit here, know how the weather is because it gets pretty cold. Aside from that, Oaxaca is a picturesque town with many refreshing spots. It is a place you could take a leisure walk and take in lots of fresh air in your lazy state. You will experience a peaceful kind of lifestyle from the Oaxaca locals.



To visit Mexico, you must consider a few things; the time of the year matters as you schedule your travel. You do not want to see any country during the winter, except if it’s on purpose.

Also, be careful how you move around if you are by yourself. It is necessary to go with a tour guide or someone who lives in the country if you must have a whole experience of your destination.

Be careful of moving at night. As a visitor, you need to only move around during the daytime when you can see your environment and activities around you.

Be friendly with the locals, and do not pick a fight with anyone during your stay.

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