Mobile Phone Insurance

Hearing about mobile phone insurance may leave you with uncertainties and doubts concerning how it works. Indeed, we all know you insure things like your home, vehicles, family, etc. So, how come insurance goes as far as covering your mobile phone as well?

In this post, you’ll learn all there is to know about mobile phone insurance. For complete and comprehensive information, ensure you stick with this post to the end.


The concept of mobile phone insurance is starting to gain traction. However, few smartphone owners are familiar with it or prepared to invest in a policy. The prevalence of smartphone theft and loss highlights the growing need for owners to protect their devices with insurance. The theft of increasingly expensive devices makes this sort of security all the more vital.

Smartphones are becoming practically indispensable because of the wide range of tasks they facilitate. While early cellphones were limited in functionality, modern smartphones can handle virtually every aspect of your life. Smartphones have become more than just a convenient tool; they are also a symbol of economic and social success.

Perks of Mobile Insurance


Mobile insurance is a valuable financial resource in a world where nearly everyone relies on a smartphone. Here are some of the reasons why mobile phone insurance is becoming increasingly obligatory:

  • If your smartphone is stolen or destroyed, you may be able to acquire a replacement of the same model. You won’t have to settle for a less capable device depending on your policy.
  • You have just bought a very costly smartphone, and now you want to keep it safe from being stolen or damaged. You can get some aid in this area with mobile insurance coverage.
  • If you often lose or damage your mobile device, it is wise to invest in mobile insurance coverage.
  • Mobile insurance is helpful if you rely significantly on your smartphone for daily tasks. You may also require a rapid replacement if something happens to it.
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Different Policies for Mobile Devices

There are a variety of risks that a mobile phone insurance policy can cover. Electrical cellphones might experience software malfunction that can leave the device worthless. The outside can be harmed for the same reasons as the inside. Mobile insurance often protects against the following risks and damages.

  • Damage to the phone’s internal components, such as from a water spill, might disrupt its operation.
  • Problems with the device’s physical components include a broken screen, headphones, or a broken charging port.
  • The ravages of a raging inferno.
  • Riot, strike, and terrorist activity damage.
  • Deterioration of the display.
  • The gadget was lost due to theft, burglary, or other similar incidents.
  • The device disappears after being left in a secured car or building.
  • Disruption to the device’s internal or external workings.

Exclusions in Mobile Phone Coverage

The following are examples of situations that are often not covered by mobile phone insurance:

  • There appears to be a mystery surrounding the disappearance of the phone.
  • A thief manages to take the phone from an unguarded building or moving car. Theft of mobile phones from unattended motor vehicles.
  • Damage was done to or loss of phone when it was in possession of someone other than the phone’s owner.
  • There appears to be a problem with the phone’s electronics or mechanics.
  • The phone is subjected to abnormal stress, such as being overused or tampered with.
  • Normal deterioration of the equipment.
  • Temperature and humidity shift troubles.
  • Loss or damage resulting from the insured’s own willful or malicious actions.
  • Repair or cleaning procedures might cause more malfunctions or harm to the equipment.
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Directory of Mobile Insurance Companies



Insurance for commonplace products like cell phones, tablets, wallets, computers, and electronics is offered by OneAssist. The firm offers cashless repairs utilizing authentic, manufacturer-supplied replacement components. There are a lot of perks, like free pickup and delivery right to your house.


The AppsDaily app provides anti-theft security for mobile devices. In addition to its primary functions, the app provides access to 14 different features. These may include a cloud scan, call management, battery optimizer, etc.


Protect your mobile device from theft and accidental damage with SyncNScan. The program can also back up your data automatically and restore it if you need it to. The app can also trace and remove viruses and spam messages and locate and secure a misplaced phone.


With OnsiteGo, safeguarding your electronic devices is easy and clear. Even after the original manufacturer’s warranty has ended, the company’s flagship product will still protect your devices. The mobile insurance policy also covers physical or liquid damage.

Times Global Insurance

Times Global Insurance provides various services. These may include coverage for liquid damage, cracked screens, theft, malfunction, display/camera issue, accidental damage, and breakdown. In order to get insurance, complicated paperwork is not required. Furthermore, customers who go a whole year without filing a claim are eligible for a bonus.

Processing Insurance Claims on the Go

A claim filed under mobile insurance is straightforward. Insurance companies will need to see both the original receipt for the phone’s purchase and the phone’s serial number. 

After the phone goes missing, preferably within the first 24 hours, you should file a first instance report (FIR). Within 48 hours, you can make a claim with the FIR and the claim intimation documentation.

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For what reasons should I protect my mobile device?

Mobile insurance is the best method to safeguard your phone. If someone steals or damages your phone, you may be able to recoup part of your costs with this service. It is useful for both new and used handsets.

When do the coverage benefits kick in once I’ve paid for the policy?

The insurance company will provide the policy’s effective date in the policy paperwork. After the policyholder makes the payment, the policy will typically go into effect.

Does this mobile phone insurance cover phones bought outside the country?

Sometimes, only citizens of the country are eligible to purchase this insurance. It may be limited to local mobile manufacturers and models sold within the country.


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