New Zealand visitor visa application

Packing your bags and jetting off to New Zealand comes with applying for the New Zealand visitor visa first.

Perhaps, you need to go on a holiday or visit a family member in New Zealand then, you must apply for this visa. Except you come from a country with a visa waiver policy.

Most nationals from these visa waiver countries can come into New Zealand without a visa. But on arrival, they must give out the relevant information.

Therefore, if you plan on traveling to this country for a visit, but do not know if you require a visa, read on and find out all you need to travel successfully.

New Zealand Entry permission

New Zealand requires all visitors and tourists to apply for an entry permit before arrival.

So, before you get into the country, you will receive an arrival card to fill out.

After this exercise, you could still be refused entry into the country.

That means that a visa does not mean you can successfully travel to this country.

Why was I denied entry to New Zealand?

New Zealand is a very thorough country. They follow due process. So, if something seems off with your application, even if they grant you the visa, you could be denied entry. 

Now some of the reasons why you could be denied entry into New Zealand are:

  • Some circumstances have changed since you obtained your visa.
  • Inability to show evidence of sufficient funds
  • You refused your photo and failed to provide your fingerprint or an iris scan.
  • You didn’t meet the requirement of your visa.
  • An immigration officer thinks you are not a bona fide visitor.
  • You gave out a piece of misleading or false information.
  • You did not meet the health or the good character requirements.
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So in cases like this, you can reach out to the consulate. 

Online application

Traveling to New Zealand isn’t so stressful again because you can apply for your Visitor visa online.

However, you must upload all your documents, photographs, and supporting information online. Then, you can go ahead and pay for your visa application online.

New Zealand has a variety of visas that you can apply for online. Applications for work or student visas can also be done successfully online.

Who needs a New Zealand visitor visa?

Australian nationals traveling to New Zealand for a holiday or visit do not need a visa to come into New Zealand.

Aside from them, nationals from other countries will need either a visitor visa or an NZeTA to travel to the country.

Why do I need a visitor visa?

Nationals of NZ do not need a visa to travel to their country likewise NZ permanent residents.

However, you need a New Zealand visitor visa if:

  • Your country is not among the visa waiver countries.
  • If you plan to stay in the country above three months. Or above six months for UK citizens.
  • If you have a health condition that can be a danger to the public or expensive for the country’s health care services.
  • You have a criminal record.

Why can’t I obtain both a visitor visa and an NZeTA?

Now, some conditions will make the government of NZ deny you their visitor visa and the NZeTA. It does not matter your nationality, so long you fall into any of these categories:

  • You have served time in prison anywhere.
  • You were deported from any country.
  • Involved in terrorism act or criminality.
  • Seriously ill or have serious health issues.
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What is the New Zealand NZeTA?

By the way, the NZeTA is a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority. It makes traveling easier and permits you to travel to New Zealand at any time.

Nationals from the visa waiver countries must have the NZeTA and a passport while traveling for a visit.

More so, visa waiver nationals must meet some requirements even with their passport and the NZeTA.

So, if you are wondering where your country falls in before you make your trip to New Zealand, you can find all the visa waiver countries here.

Conditions that bind your entry and stay in New Zealand

Some conditions will determine your smooth stay or entry into NZ.

The rule states that you must meet all and never leave out any. And they include:

  • You must have enough funds to last you all your stay. Before you enter NZ, you may show evidence of these funds.
  • You must not take up any employment while in the country. Though, you may assess the job market or attend an interview. But if you want to take a job in NZ, you must be on a work visa.
  • If you arrive with a 12 months duration visa, you can study for three months.
  • You must leave before your visa expiration. 

Criteria for applying for a visitor visa

Firstly, the information you give out will determine if you will get your visa or be denied one.

Therefore, be very honest while applying for your visa and supply all the necessary documents.

Before you secure a visitor visa, you must meet these criteria:

  • Prove your identity by submitting
  • A photo for the paper application and 2 photos for the online application.
  • Be in good health. The immigration officer may ask you to do a chest x-ray, medical exam, or both if need be.
  • You must be of good character and present a police report from your country of residence if you are above 17 years.
  • You must have genuine intentions.
  • If you’re bringing family, you must show evidence that they are family and proof of identity. They must be healthy and show good character.
  • Proof of funds to cover your stay.
  • Make a declaration that you will foot your health bills in NZ.
  • Show your return ticket for leaving New Zealand after your visit. Or a sponsor to cover the cost of your flight.
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How long to process an NZ visitor visa? 

Application for visitor visas to NZ opened its doors again on the 31st of July 2022. 

The processing time of the visa takes 5 to 71 days. Depending on the circumstances behind the application. So, before you plan to travel, begin your visa process on time so you won’t face any delays.


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