Seychelles visa Application

Looking for a suitable approach to go for a Seychelles visa application is not precisely the right way to visit the country. Seychelles has maintained a visa-free policy for up to 149 countries worldwide. In return, Seychellois citizens can visit countries without a visa, like the Schengen areas.

However, other rules will qualify you for entry aside from holding a visa.

Visiting this country and wanting to live in there still require different processes. As one of the most beautiful countries to visit, Seychelles has an easy visiting requirement and application for visitors.

If the opportunity presents itself to visit Seychelles, read below to find out the requirement you need to have.

About Seychelles

Seychelles is an Island country off the Somali Sea and in the eastern part of Africa. It has a population of 99,500, making it the African country with the least number of people. 

Victoria is the capital and largest city, just 800 miles from neighboring countries like Mauritius and Madagascar. The Maldives, another Island country, occupies the eastern border of British Indian Ocean Territory.

Seychelles became independent as late as 1976 but has moved past average living. Agriculture was one of its highest economic growth means in the 1970s; now, the country has developed and become a tourist spot.

2015 saw Seychelles making over 700 percent in capital GDP. It is among the best in Africa and a popular tourist destination worldwide.

How to visit Seychelles

Countries aside from Kosovo can visit Seychelles without holding a visa. Kosovo nationals are not permitted to visit the country with just their passports because the government of Seychelles does not recognize Kosovo.

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Furthermore, Seychelles immigration expects all travelers to present a valid, up-to-date passport at the port of entry, a travel authorization, or even a digital passenger declaration.

Visitors coming to Seychelles for tourism, visiting family and friends, or to stay for holidays must;

  • Hold a valid passport that must not expire until they leave the country
  • COVID-19 vaccine certificate and a booster shoot your vaccination is over six months
  • One passport-size photograph
  • Show proof of your plans to leave as soon as it’s time for you to go. This proof is your return or onward ticket to your country of origin or another.
  • Show proof of accommodation or hotel reservation
  • A citizen of Seychelles with another country’s visa at the time of travel must upload the Seychelle’s passport.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to last you throughout your travel. Immigration requires that you have $150 to spend every day until you leave.
  • Evidence of health; like a certificate of health from a verified physician
  • A traveler who intends to change accommodation must first notify the immigration officers with reasons before arrival.

When travelers finally land in Seychelles, they pass through immigration and obtain a visitor’s permit to enter the country.

For how long can a tourist stay in Seychelles?

Visitors or tourists can stay in the country for up to 30 days.

Nevertheless, you can extend your stay for up to three months but be sure not to allow your permit to expire fully before applying for an extension.

Traveling with pets

Birds are not allowed to come into the country with their owners. On the other hand, visitors who want to visit Seychelles with their pets must obtain an import permit for the animal.

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Visitors who plan to stay for less than six months are not permitted, and pets are only allowed if their owners remain for more than six months.

If a traveler is eligible to bring in a pet, they must hold the pet’s proof of rabies vaccination and a certificate of fitness from a veterinary doctor.

Sometimes, pets may undergo two weeks to six months of quarantine before letting them fully inside the country.

What is not allowed into the country

Immigration officers in Seychelles do not permit travelers to enter the country with some things because they view them as illegal things. Some of these items include;

  • Fruits and veggies
  • Drugs (except prescribed)
  • Alcohols
  • Hard drugs
  • Radio wiring

How to live and work in Seychelles as a foreigner

Foreigners living and working in the country hold a work permit from the government.

  • Firstly, you need to be employed by a verified company in Seychelles.
  • Apply for the Gainful Occupation Permit, which is regularly known as a work permit, and apply two months before the due date.
  • Your employer can help you to fill out your application form.
  • However, if you are self-employed, you must fill out the form yourself.
  • All applicants must show proof of accommodation.
  • You must pay a sum of SR1000 application process for the work Gainful Occupation Permit.
  • While at it, the employer must request a certificate of approval from the Seychelles Ministry of Employment, Immigration, and Civil Status.
  • Submit all your documents to the immigration office in the capital city.

Other fees and documentation follow as you begin your job in Seychelles. 

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This means of application does not apply to travelers coming for tourism or holiday.

What vaccine certificate do you need to visit Seychelles?

Travelers must only take COVID-19 tests and the accompanying booster shots to visit this country. Other than that, no other vaccine certificate is needed.

However, travelers from some countries must present a yellow fever vaccination certificate at the port of entry before obtaining an entry permit.

When is best for a visit to Seychelles?

Visitors often enjoy the country more in October and November or April and May. The country experiences windy seasons in other months, which may not be very entertaining for visitors. Except you urgently need to travel to Seychelles, try to find out how the weather is in the country before you arrive.


To sum up, Seychelles is a beautiful Island country in east Africa and doing very well for itself. Visiting the country will expose you to all the natural beauties that found a home there, like the lovely beaches and wildlife.

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