Truckers health insurance

It might sound foreign to you but truckers health insurance is a serious business in the United States transportation industry.

It is so because for a country to function properly and thrive, truckers have to stay healthy and fully functional.

Moreover, companies in the country that depend on logistics may go out of business if you take truckers out of the picture. 

This is why they should all secure their health before getting on the road.

Meanwhile, truckers health insurance come in different forms and also differs in costs.

Therefore if you plan to join the truck business or you know a trucker, read on and share with that important person you know.

What is truckers health insurance?

Truckers health insurance is the health coverage plan slated for licensed truck drivers.

Since there are perks to this career, there are risks associated with it, regardless.

Truckers health insurance takes care of these risks and helps keep truck drivers fit to carry out their jobs.

In some cases, truck companies offer their drivers an employee insurance package.

However, there are no rules binding trucking companies to provide health insurance coverage for their employees.

So, truck drivers without employee coverage or certified drivers that drive their trucks for business can buy their health insurance from truck insurance providers.

Do truck drivers need insurance?

If you’ve ever driven for a long distance, you’ll know how much driving takes a toll on the body.

Trucks are regarded as heavy vehicles and it takes expertise and strength to wheel these large vehicles around.

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Now, a career in truck driving will demand a lot from you, and these demands range from the outward to the inward.

Truck drivers develop a lot of health-related issues in the course of driving.

These health-related issues may still get worse and can clean out their pockets.

Again, road accidents happen and truckers always get severely affected. 

So, truckers health insurance is an avenue for these drivers to stay fit or not go broke in the event of serious health issues.

Health issues associated with truck driving

Constantly driving a heavy-duty vehicle for long hours can pose some risks to your health.

Though truckers must drive, however, you need to be in constant tune with your health and go for regular check-ups. 

Aside from the accidents that you may not have control over, sometimes.

Checking up on your health is a paramount duty you must carry out for yourself.

In line with this, some of the health challenge you may face as a truck driver includes

  • Constant mild to severe backache
  • Hernia
  • Obesity
  • Body ache
  • Vision problem
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Persistent headache
  • High blood pressure

Types of health insurance for truck drivers

Truck drivers can access a couple of health insurance coverage according to the level they are in their career.

That is, some health care coverage suits truck drivers that have been in this business for a while.

In contrast, some health coverage benefits new drivers that just got employed.

Affordable Care Act

New truck drivers that just obtained their Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and do not have health insurance can benefit from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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New entry-level salary-earning drivers can take advantage of the Affordable Care Act because their salaries qualify them for such insurance.

This is because the Affordable Care Act is also meant for people who earn within the Federal Poverty Level.

Ultimately, new truck drivers within the entry-level salary threshold may not be earning much.

Therefore, they utilize this health care route until they begin to earn higher in the job.

Short-term health care coverage

Another insurance option open to truck drivers is short-term health insurance.

Truck drivers that are in between jobs and not also eligible for the Affordable Care Act can buy short-term health insurance in the meantime.

So, all you have to do is to check out how it works out in your state of residence and go for what is suitable.

National Truckers Insurance

Truck drivers join this organization that provides health insurance coverage for just truckers.

Now, this is another avenue you can get your health covered, so far you are a licensed commercial truck driver.

However, this organization provides health coverage according to where you reside, your trucking experience and records, and your company.

Your health insurance with this organization extends to any damage you and your truck caused others.

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Healthy truckers can still go further with protecting their health through the Health Savings Account.

More so, the Health Savings Account (HSA) is a means for people to put money aside for any medical need in the future.

Most truckers use this option to save up as an investment which they can also withdraw from during a medical emergency.

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Owner-Operator Independent Health Insurance (OOIDA)

Truckers benefit so much from this coverage. It offers them a lot of discounts even down to fuel. 

Owner-Operator Independent Health Insurance (OOIDA) offers a variety of health insurance policies for its members and discounts.

For what it’s worth, it does not cost much to join this organization as a truck driver.

But the benefits cover the money spent. OOIDA offers its members life insurance coverage and also their families.

Health insurance for independent truck drivers

Unarguably, independent truck drivers deserve to insure their health, equally.

Though they are not employed by any company or belong to any truckers organization. They have health care available for them.

However, it is now your duty as a solo or independent truck driver to take care of your health and your truck.

Affordable Care Act

Your salary threshold becomes a determining factor if you are eligible for ACA.

Occupational Accident Insurance

Truckers that operate their business by themselves can go ahead and get occupational accident insurance.

This coverage offers benefits like disability coverage, accident coverage, and a lots more.

The short term Health Insurance

Healthy independent truck drivers can use this coverage to save up money.

However, it does not cover claims for preexisting conditions. Also, the premiums can be high.

Short-term health insurance plans are limited and strict. You may have to be on the market hunting for insurance coverage when your plan expires.


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